NN Sport Coaching GPS Programme

Using our highly successful four pillars of Nutrition, Exercise, Water and Sleep (#NEWS) this 3-4 week Guided Pre Season programme focuses on getting you season ready, allowing you to hit the ground running so you can focus on your skills and performance as your fitness is ahead of the pack. 

A unique element of the GPS programme is a comprehensive food diary (link below) analysis by our qualified Nutrition and Health coach including individual nutrition, hydration, recipes, meal ideas and timing (periodisation) information.

GPS utilises evidence based research for team or individual sports.

GPS focus on injury prevention through advice on proprioception and targets key muscle groups to maximise performance. This will optimise your time spent on the pitch/track/court or in the ring and not on the bench, physio room or in the stands! 

GPS focus on sleep, sleep hygiene, rest and recovery is a game changer. 

Places are strictly limited to optimise our one-to-one service.

Our comprehensive GPS programme will include a personalised selection of the following:

  • Individualised recommendations for Nutrition, Exercise, Water & Sleep 

  • Complete food diary analysis 

  • Long-term sustainable plan

  • Nutrient timing 

  • Nutrition guidelines 

  • Macronutrient Split Information

  • Calorie calculation

  • Pre-Training day nutrition

  • Post Training day nutrition

  • Rest day nutrition 

  • Portion control 

  • Energy balancing 

  • Daily hydration targets

  • Rehydration recipes 

  • Supplement recommendations 

  • Sleep hygiene advice 

  • Nutrition for Sleep 

  • Nutrition for Recovery 

  • Plant based Nutrition 

  • Injury prevention tips

  • Timing guidelines for Naps

  • Food ingredients sourcing 

  • Label reading information

  • Healthy Snack recipes 

  • Lifestyle hacks

  • Mindset advice

  • Mindfulness Meditation and Breathwork tips 

To book or for more information 

Contact us by email GPS@dgilmore.ie 

Instagram @nnsportcoach 


Call 0862486544

To download our one week food diary click here

Email the completed diary with your contact details to GPS@dgilmore.ie 

Once the 5 week fee has been paid we will contact you to do a 30 min call (video or voice) 

After which we will issue your personalised Nutrition, Exercise, Water and Sleep recommendations. 


We will forward links to workouts focusing on the key muscle groups and injury prevention tips

We will continue to work with and advise you for the remaining weeks of the GPS programme.

NN Sport GPS programme is registered to NN Sport Coaching and Nude Nutrition Ireland