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Updated: Feb 15, 2020

This is the first of many thousands of posts! Very exciting to finally have my website up and running. Thanks J!!!

This week is a big week for lots of kids and parents with back to school fast approaching. One good thing is the return of a bit of structure around meal times after the summer of lie ins and eating at funny times. Good nutrition is about eating regularly and including protein, good fats and carbohydrates. Children are growing and developing all the time and they need really good whole foods, no processed rubbish, plenty of water, sleep and fresh air to thrive. With busy lives it is all to easy to take what seems the quick option but usually turns out to be the wrong choice. I will not lecture you about real food because everybody knows what is good and bad in nutrition. I will encourage real whole foods to be eaten which in turn will push out the rubbish. Lets start at the beginning - Breakfast- avoid any high sugar cereals as these will cause a spike in insulin a a mid morning slump when concentration will suffer. Porridge with some berries and seeds or scrambled egg are brilliant start to the day. Do not put fruit juices on the table but pour out s glass and leave it in the fridge. These drinks are full of sugar and and should be taken in moderation. There are lots of recipes for porridge oats, be they overnight oats or good old fashioned hot porridge. I will upload and share the best of these over the coming days.

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