Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Probably one of the THE most stressful times for students and families is now upon us. Fear not by following the 4 basic pillars of Nude Nutrition N.E.W.S we will all get through it! Stress is an essential part of life but we must manage it to avoid it taking over!

N. Nutrition..starting with a good breakfast. Avoid the sugary forms and opt for a slow release carbohydrate like porridge add in some ground mixed seeds (protein) and full fat milk and some berries. Scrambled egg on toast is another great start. If the student struggles with nerves and does not feel like eating at least make a smoothie of fruit, milk, ground mixed seeds but have something. Lunch and dinner should be balanced with quality wholefoods including protein, fats and slow release carbs. avoid sugary snacks and have a handful of nuts, berries or a piece of fruit.

E. Exercise... no matter what get out in the fresh air for at least 30 mins and walk, jog, cycle or anything else that de-stresses the mind. Not only will this release endorphins but will help with appetite and sleep,

W. Water as we are around 60% water and studies have show we perform better when hydrated it is critical that we are sipping water throughout the day, Don't gulp down a litre before you go into the exam as this will add to stress as you will be bursting for a pee!, Avoid all sugary drinks as these will give you a quick high followed by a crash. Even fruit juices are very high in sugar, If you don't like plain water add a squeeze of lemon,lime or some mint and cucumber.

S. Sleep....the most underrated of the 4 pillars but crucial to managing stress. We sleep in 90 min cycles so don't be try to get 7/8/9 hours but count back from your wake time and try get 4 or 5 cycles. Sleep hygiene is the buzz words at the moment but simply all this is is establishing a realistic bedtime routine. Here comes the hard bit......TURN off ALL phones, laptops, ipads tv's and anything else that emits blue light ONE HOUR before bedtime! this will effect your melatonin- your sleep hormone. Make your bedroom a cave- dark, cool (not cold) and free from electronic devices. It's only for a few weeks! If you are struggling to sleep try some relaxation techniques, read a book or listen some relaxing music ( you'll need a good old fashioned radio for this not your phone!)

The very best of LUCK to everyone from Nude Nutrition

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