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Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Back to the Books!

After the long hot summer of late nights and late if any breakfasts, outdoor lunches,picnics it's back to reality next week with 'get up we are late'..'get dressed'....'have got your lunch'...'get that dog out'....put your brother down!'....'of course you need to wear your uniform'....... so I thought i would offer a few hints and tips to take the stress out of the morning mayhem, well nutritionally wise anyhow.

Naturally a good breakfast will start the day right. Try avoid any high sugar cereals (the ones with cartoons on the box are best left in the supermarket!) and offer weetabix, porridge or overnight oats with full fat milk and some fruit. Toast and jam is fine but should ideally be wholegrain. Smoothies are good with homemade ones the best but not always practical in the morning but they can be made the night before and kept in the fridge. Eggs cooked whatever way you like are an ideal start to the day and egg muffins (see recipe on the recipe page) are a brilliant easy breakfast or lunch.

Speaking of lunches and as someone who had corned beef sandwiches every day for 10 years! ( that may not be a fact but it's all I remember eating!) the secret is to mix and match protein,carbs and fats. Plenty of veg and fruit ('eat the rainbow').

Everybody knows their own kids appetites but as they only have a short amount of time for lunch and all they want to do is get out and play don't load up the lunch box too much.

Some ideas......

*Turkey/chicken wraps with carrot sticks, grapes and berries

*Cheese and crackers with cherry tomatoes, apple and raisins

*Tuna and pasta with red pepper sticks, orange wedges

*Pitta bread with meat and salad, banana and peanut butter (some schools are now nut free so check ahead)

*Boiled eggs with rice, cucumber sticks, pear

*Cream cheese on bagels, olives, mixed fruit pots

*Egg Muffins, celery sticks, Greek yogurt and berries

These are just a few suggestions you can mix and match anyway you or your child wants. Probably THE most important thing is hydration! we are 60% water and it is critical that the children are drinking enough water. There are lots of formulas and confusing per kg of body weight maths to try to work out but a sure fire method is the colour of their pee and most kids love to tell you all about it! As long as they can keep it to a light straw colour then that is fine. There are of course some medications, supplements and foods like beetroot that will change the colour so that needs to be taken into consideration.

Do as much prep the night before that you can to lessen the 'Morning Mayhem' and try stay calm!!! Good Luck!

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