Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Let's face it Nutrition is a MINEFIELD!!!

If there is an industry that is more confusing than the Nutrition and Health one then I have never come across it!!!

I believe that there is more misinformation than facts. Some of it is genuine lack of evidence based information and more of it is just plain misleading for profit and greed. Social media is a brilliant resource but like everything in the wrong hands it can be very dangerous. We are bombarded by photo-shopped Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pictures and the ones that are real have spent days living on a couple of hundred calories and are literally starving and dehydrating themselves to cut for a competition or to weigh in for a fight - which, thankfully, the majority of us do not need to do. So if you are not lucky enough to be in the .05% gene pool that can attain that physic be prepared to give up 95% of your life to look like them! Speaking of 95% this is the actual percentage of people who complete and more importantly maintain these 'diets' including the huge multi million euro group schemes, magical shakes and the 'cut out one of the macro nutrient' (protein, fats, carbs) way of eating. These are in my opinion the 'Taliban' of nutrition who's blinkered view is 'it's our way or no way' which of course is BS! They will tell you how they have cut something out and it is the panacea. If you cut out any food group you will be cutting calories and of course you will loose weight!. Be under no illusion there are people making millions from peoples vulnerability. Clubs and halls across the country are filled nightly with women and men who are all given exactly the same 'diet'. This is where the alarm bells should start ringing. I believe there is nobody with a genuine background in nutrition who will give a single piece of advice until a full and comprehensive food diary and health questionnaire have been completed. This can put people off as we all want a quick fix but as everyone's nutritional and exercise requirements are as individual as their finger print it is the only realistic sustainable way. That to me is the key - 'sustainability' without that it is just the merry-go-round of yo-yo dieting making these people richer!

So if you want real sustainable health and well-being advice find someone who is not selling their own brand of food, cutting out food groups, supplements, quick fix weight loss plans, 'magic' shakes, books or even the latest 'skinny coffee'!!!! (seriously for 25 quid you can get some decaf coffee which will make you skinny!)

Someone who has actual real qualifications but don't claim to know it all! I have Nutrition qualifications am I full qualified - I don't believe so because there is so much to nutrition I don't think anybody is. We are learning all the time but the simple facts remain the same - eat non processed good quality food 80% of the time, exercise, drink water and get quality sleep #NEWS

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