How disconnected are we from our Food???

I have been lucky enough to spend time over the last few weeks with some amazing people who are learning and sharing their knowledge about food. This is in my opinion the single most important thing we do every single day- feed ourselves and our families. We are very fortunate to be able to make these choices in this part of the world. There are millions of fellow humans who have very little choice as to what they eat, if at all. Some are obvious like people who are struggling with famine, poverty, despot regimes and pure greed by other humans. The not so obvious are our children who up to a certain age are completely dependent on us adults to nourish them daily. This is a huge privilege and responsibility. Unless we are educated and understand where our food comes from this can be a struggle also there are companies who would rather we had no clue where our food comes from and are making millions from keeping us in the dark. This topic came up at a recent introduction to butchery course at Croan Cottages in Kilkenny ( I will do a separate piece on this course) and at the Seed to Seed workshop in Irish Seed Savers in Scarrif Co Clare…..’How far removed we are from our food?!?!?’ I’m reminded of the young mother who had two small children standing in front of a display in a supermarket proudly stating ‘some people call the scallions and some people call them spring onions…..’ I quietly remarked (so the children would not hear) to her as I passed ‘and some call them daffodils’!!! or the irate customer who’s whole day is ruined because there is no fresh cod on sale two days after Storm ‘what’s-her-name’ has uprooted trees! My usual comment of ‘would you go out in a boat in that?' gets mixed reactions!

As food affects every cell in our bodies, our energy, health – both physical and mental, teeth, bones, skin, sleep, moods……….. it is critical that we are making the right choices. There are so many great groups, organisations and courses either online or in person that we can get information, learn from, share our knowledge and support each other. Joanne in Irish Seed Savers said ‘Knowledge is only knowledge when it is shared’ So let’s take that first step and take control of our and our children’s futures. It is about priorities we are more than happy to spend €20 on shampoo or conditioner or €10-15 a week on takeaway coffee but only want to pay €3 for a chicken!?!?! (the shampoo bit does not apply to me as you can see from my profile pic!!!)

I am more than happy to help with any questions you have and if I don’t have the answers I probably know someone who has.

Please share any groups that you use so we can get like minded people learning, sharing and teaching- ‘Everyday is a school day’

I will start with……

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