95% of DIETS FAIL!!!

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

‘New year new you’ ‘I’m gonna Get fit’ ‘I’m gonna lose weight’ ‘this will be my year’ ‘I have to join the gym’ ‘I’m gonna change careers……..’

Sound familiar??? Probably because at this time of the year every year we look ahead with great enthusiasm after spending December in a food and drink coma we are going to completely change everything about our lives - NO YOU ARE NOT!

I am not trying to sound negative I’m trying to be realistic and it is NOT your fault that by the second week in January the wheels will have come off and you will be telling yourself you are a useless failure!

I believe that January is the absolute wrong time to start your new lifestyle! WHY??? Look out the window it is usually dark, cold and wet and unless you are 100% focused or psychotic you will not go out walking, running or cycling. At this time of year our bodies are craving comfort food, warm clothes and nights by the fire so take it easy on yourself.

We will be bombarded and shamed by gyms, multinational ‘weight loss’ groups and every quick fix lose weight diet on the planet and yes 5% of us will do one or all of these and succeed but the other 95% will not.

The best way to approach the New Year resolutions are to set small achievable goals (SMART Goals). Focus on 1% better Nutrition, Exercise, Water and Sleep (Our 4 pillars of Well-being #NEWS). Set a 10-12 week plan and review / reflect every 3 or 4 weeks and reset any issues. You will have days that you don’t eat as well as you should or you didn't get any exercise or drink enough water but live by the 80:20 rule you will let it go, tomorrow is another day. If you do fall off the wagon- forgive yourself and move forward. As motivational speaker Pat Divilly says ‘If you have a puncture you don’t get out and slash the other three tyres!!!’ Fix the puncture get back on the road and continue your journey. So don’t allow a blip to become the end of the road.

Let's start with Nutrition and there are loads of ways to improve our way of eating by focusing on whole foods and avoiding highly processed crap. It is also about our environment by that I mean what we have in the house is tempting us. Keep treats as treats and not daily snacks. If you are out for a coffee and a slice of cake it is highly unlikely that you will go back up and ask for another slice but if you have that same chocolate cake at home……..different story altogether! So clear out the temptation and you will find it easier to stay on track

Exercise can be formal in a gym (but DO NOT compare the muscle bound poser’s day 19999 to your day 1!) or at home with weights, yoga, the 7 min workout or anything else you enjoy or even just getting off the couch and moving also known as getting your NEAT up 24/7 (#neatup247).

Water is crucial and we need about 2 ltrs a day and even more if we are exercising. Drink first thing in the morning and continue to sip throughout the day. Don’t drink a lot with meals as it can affect digestion but it has been shown that drinking about 250 mls 20 mins before eating can help with satiety (feeling full).

Sleep is probably the least focused on of the four pillars but is critical to all the others being effective. Sleep-hygiene is the buzzword but all it means is de-cluttering the bedroom, making it like a cave - dark and cool. Avoid ALL screens in the bedroom as the blue light has been shown to affect our melatonin which helps us sleep. Avoid caffeine late in the day and I’m sorry to say alcohol really affects our REM- deep sleep. If you are finding it hard to sleep after about 20 mins get up go to a different room but avoid bright lights and those screens until you begin to feel tired again.


Go mbeirimid Beo ar an am seo aris

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