Back In Harness

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

This time of the year as people 'give up' it is time for teams and individual athletes to 'start up'. There are sports that continue right through the Winter like soccer and rugby but for the Summer sports that were on a break it's back in harness. Hopefully the party season hasn't taken too much of a toll! But even if you have been good it is very important that you take it slowly to start and build up the four pillars gradually aiming to be 1% better in Nutrition, Exercise, Water and Sleep each week.

Nutrition - Eating habits change over the Christmas season and regular meals are only getting back on track now. Our bodies are still craving comfort food so it is important to feed it with wholefoods, soups, stews and plenty of protein and vegetables.

Exercise - While the evenings are still dark and usually cold and wet indoor training is the better option. There are plenty of options gyms, resistance training at home, HIIT sessions, static bikes, swimming..........also proprioception (see short video in the Exercise tab) has been proven to help prevent and aid recovery from injury.

Water - If Santa didn't bring you a new water bottle get out now and buy one and bring it in the car, to work, college and everywhere you go and start sipping throughout the day (It will become a habit quickly). On average we need 2 ltrs a day and even more when training.

Sleep - Our sleep can really suffer over the Christmas/New Year with parties and celebrating with family and friends. Now is the time to get our circadian rhythms back on track. This is your inbuilt clocks that regulate your wake/sleep patern. To help we have to focus on our sleep hygiene (routines) by making our bedrooms tech/screen free, cool and as dark as possible and avoiding caffeine late in the day. Start winding down 30-40 mins before bedtime. Any issues with sleep or any other of the four pillars please contact me.

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