Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Nutrition is as individual as your fingerprint! Everybody metabolises food/energy at different rates. For a complete and confidential individual assessment and recommendations contact me. But here are some simple tips which everybody can benefit from……….

 No supplements will replace real whole seasonal food! Get your protein from Meat, Fish Eggs not bars!

 Eat mindfully (NO phones or tablets), slowly and chew all foods to a liquid – your stomach has NO teeth!

 Don’t drink a lot with your meals it will dilute stomach acid which affects digestion

 Get more sleep-Studies have found lack of sleep decreases recovery time and increases your risk of injury and avoid phones or tablets in the bedroom – these interfere with sleep and other bedroom activities!

 Keep yourself hydrated by drinking small amounts of water instead of downing large amounts in one go. Your muscles are 75% water and a 3% loss can reduce strength by 10% and speed by 8%!!!

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