Controlling the Controllables

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Controlling the Controllables……

In sport as in life we need to spend less time focusing on things we can’t control and more on controlling the controllables.

We need to be able to focus our energy on our performance

Things we CANNOT control….

Our opponents’ tactics, skill levels or fitness

The referees or officials’ decisions

The weather or condition of pitches

The start time of games or events

The location or facilities of games or events

Things we ABSOLUTELY CAN control…….

Our mindset

Our Nutrition, hydration, rest and recovery, Sleep (although people with small children might not agree!!!)

Our commitment

Our attitude

Our honesty with ourselves and our coaches and teammates

Our preparation

Who we listen to and learn from (are they in it for you or themselves?)

Our reasons for playing or competing

If we focus on the controllables and perform to our very best every time

The results will follow.

Any questions just shout!

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