Men's Health Week 2019

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

It's International Men's Heath Week 2019

There are lots of factors that make up health and wellbeing I focus on just four…...






If you focus on nailing these four pillars you will definitely see the benefits.


There are few things more important than what we put into our bodies every day. It can either make us healthy or sick.

There is NO one size fits all way of eating / diet.

You really ‘are what you eat’.

Despite what the know-alls on social media say our bodies are designed to eat protein, carbs and fats.

Try to eat seasonal local food where possible - it will taste better contain more nutrients and will be more economical. 'Eat the Rainbow'

Eat plenty of fresh veg and fruit, nuts and seeds and fermented foods.

Use the 80:20 rule you need to enjoy life!


We are designed to move and move a lot.

Find an exercise that you like and that fits into your lifestyle

You don't need to be pumping iron in the gym just do what you enjoy as long as you are moving.

Walk, swim, cycle, run…..just keep on turning up!

Keep your NEAT up - this is any kind of movement that is not a planned exercise, sleeping or eating.

Resistance training using weights or bands at home a couple of times a week will help tone up, strengthen joints and burn calories.


Humans are on average 60% water and most of us don’t drink enough of it.

We should be drinking between 2 and 3 ltrs a day and even more if we are doing sports / exercises.

Sipping during the day is better than downing a large amount in one go.

A good guide to hydration is the colour of your pee, it should be light straw colour.

This can be affected by certain foods (beetroot) and some supplements.

If plain water is not your thing add slices of lemon/lime or mint leaves


Probably the most underrated of the four pillars.

Sleep is critical to all other aspects of well-being. Poor sleep can affect nutrition and stress levels.

We never fail to recharge our phones but are not so bothered when it comes to recharging ourselves.

Again NO one size fits all when it comes to sleep. Some people need 5 hours other need 10...

The quality of sleep is the most important thing.

Bedrooms need to be tech free…….sorry!

Research states that we sleep in 90 min cycles.

Try aiming for 35 X 90 mins cycles per week. This allows you to have some early and some late nights. Life can get in the way of sleep

Set your alarm (if you need one) and count back 7 X 90 mins to get your sleep time.

Unfortunately for optimum sleep we need to turn off all screens at least one hour before bed. It has been proven that blue light affects melatonin - the sleep hormone.

Optimum sleep takes place in a cool very dark room - similar to a cave!

If you have any questions or comments please contact me!

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