Half Time

As we finally get back to competitive action we have covered off the best practice for fuelling and hydration pre match and everyone should be ready to hit the ground running. The next piece of the puzzle is refuelling at half time. As I always say there is no one size fits all and we all need to know what we can and cannot have at half time. Refuelling and re-hydrating correctly is critical and can be the difference of winning and losing! As it takes at least 20 mins for any foods/beverage to have an affect timing is very important. So as the autopsy of the first half takes place we should be refuelling and re-hydrating. The foods need to be easy to digest and create an energy boost. There is a reason that for many years the half time orange wedge was the go-to snack.

Oranges are 88% water

Total carbs of 12g,

9g of sugar

Vit C 88% of RDA

Small quantities of Potassium, Vit B6, Calcium and Vit A

Other good choices are

Dried Fruit

Total carbs 83g per 100g

Sugar 58g

Sodium 403mg

Vit C 93% RDA

Small quantities of Potassium, Iron Vit B6 and magnesium

Jelly Sweets like Haribo or Jelly babies will have up to 85% carbs and a handful is fine.

Hydration can be plain water but as sweat contains salts, chloride and potassium for optimal hydration a sports drink or electrolytes in the water is preferable. Also useful can be coconut water, fruit juices or milk.

Energy gels containing caffeine are very popular and can give an extra boost (again check that they do not affect your stomach during training not a match!)

Any Q's just shout. Declan

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