Updated: Feb 15, 2020

January not dry January or 'veganuary' just feckn JANUARY 😠

Poor January gets a bad rap. I love January because it's my birthday month 😜 (I'll just leave that there for a minute! gifting list will be on the website soon 🤣)

Seriously though as the 19th of January approaches which is statistically the day when those New Year's resolutions come to a sudden stop ask yourself WHY?

Well for all our great intentions to eat clean, get fit, de-clutter, start fresh…….. simply IT IS THE WRONG TIME OF THE YEAR!!! Look out the bloody window! It's cold, it's wet, it's dark, it’s miserable (I realise I’m not doing a great job at selling January here!!!). The excess spending over Christmas and the wait until the end of the month to get paid is stressing you out causing you to have poor quality sleep which can increase your hunger levels and cause you to make the wrong food choices. Your body is craving hot comfort food like soups, stews, curries. You want to light the fire or get under the covers…...

So after trying to change everything at once (did I mention it’s the wrong time of the year!?!) the majority of people fail and get stressed out by their perceived weakness and comfort eat and watch the telly and open the last of the mince pies or tubs of sweets and then hate themselves and so the downward cycle continues!

It is time to press PAUSE here! and Reset!

Stop beating yourself up you haven't failed your body has just thought you a lesson about it being the wrong bloody time of the year!

So make some small changes starting with your environment by which I mean clear the leftover crap from Christmas out of your house. Think of it this way if you go out for a coffee and a slice of chocolate cake the chances of you going back up the counter and getting another slice is fairly slim but if you had the same cake at home having one (or two) more slice is highly likely!

By all means have a treat but make it a treat not an everyday occurrence.

Make a commitment to drink more water. A couple of litres is ideal everyday. Do this for a few weeks and it soon becomes a habit. This will not only hydrate you but also keep those hunger pangs at bay.(drink 6/7 litres and you'll be so busy running to the toilet that you won't have time to eat!!!)

When we do get that dry half hour and the wind isn’t going through you try to get out for a brisk walk. The age old wisdom of using the stairs or parking further away from your destination will also help your NEAT.

Finally focus on your sleep (this is the time most sensible animals hibernate for a good reason). Yes you all know what's coming…...TURN OFF YOUR MOBILES/TABLETS one hour before bed. The best function on your phone is airplane mode!

This is not a punishment it has been proven that the light affects your bodies ability to produce the sleep hormone melatonin. Make your room like a cave, cool and dark . Have a hot shower or bath, read a book or snuggle!. Try your very best to have the same sleep and wake times every day.

Any questions at all on any of this just shout! Dec 🙏

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