With the recent publicity about a positive drug test in the GAA I was thinking it would be a good time to chip in my 5mg per 100g on supplements. Anyone who has worked with NN Sport Coaching knows we do NOT sell or promote magic pills, snake oil potions or Herbalife! Although I am going to share the NO.1 sports performance enhancing supplement on the planet later!!!

During these bizarre times where there is so much uncertainty as to when any sport will be back to any level and the fact so many players / athletes are in isolation it can be very easy to have our heads turned by promises of superpowers, strengths, speed or invincibility by vested interests. I could not tell you how many times I have given talks to groups or teams and they are waiting for me to produce some magic potion or pill to sell them because they have had so many 'nutrition' talks ending with….'now so I have this great stuff here….!' We all want to be able to hit the ground running when we are eventually unleashed back out onto the pitch / track / pool or ring. It is human nature to try to get an advantage over your opponent or to be better than your rival for that slot on the team but it is a false economy using anything other than real whole seasonal foods, hydration and recovery. It can also be deadly dangerous if you do not know the ingredients or source of these performance 'enhancing' formulas. Despite the fact that most of them are on the banned list ( and for very good reason) there are always going to be people who will take a chance and jeopardise their careers and more importantly their health!. Organisations, coaches, medical staff will all be blamed for lack of education (as happened this week with the Carlow player!) around these substances but the only person responsible for putting anything in your body is YOU!!!. Thankfully very few people will be strapped to a chair and injected with Hydroxyamfetamine (parahydroxyamphetamine)! I picked this of the WADA 2020 list because it had the most letters!. But seriously if you are interested in your long term health because unfortunately your sporting career will come to an end and hopefully you will have a long and happy life after sport then you and only YOU are responsible. So sticking with whole, seasonal and local (if possible) food is safest and most beneficial for your long term health and wellness.

The only fully researched supplements that we would ever recommend are really good quality Vit C, Vit D (in Northern hemisphere countries from late Autumn to early Spring), Omega 3 if you are not eating wild fish, Vit B12 if you are vegetarian or vegan and whey protein from a certified company (there are great Irish brands like @KineticaSports or @Rosnutrition) And THE NO.1 sports performance enhancing supplement is…………........................................SLEEP😴

Any questions please feel free to contact me. Dec

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