Water, Hydration and Sports

The facts……

The body is ¾ Water! 75 % of muscle is Water!


How much water do we need?

Average person needs 1.5-2 ltrs per day.  Athletes need more.

The recommended amount is 30-40mls per Kg of body weight (85kg x 35mls = 2975 mls or 3ltrs)



During exercise/sport a 3% loss of water will cause a 10% drop in strength and a 8% loss in speed!

This is caused because as we dehydrated our bodies take energy from the muscles to cool the body down but taking on water in small amounts will avoid this.


Obviously we hydrate by taking in water but if we are eating 6/7 portions of Vegetables and Fruit a day that will make up to 1ltr. The rest we need to take in as water. Drink about 250mls (a glass) at a time not a litre in one go!

2-3 hrs before training/match we need to be drinking 250mls every 15 mins.

Minerals and fruit drinks contain high sugar levels and should not be drank instead of water and pints of Heineken definitely don’t count!!! Sports drink can be used will work but are designed be consumed during and after sports.


Any questions just ask!          

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Here are some info-graphs from the brilliant YLM Sports Science